PARKGEST’s car parks are well-equipped for physically handicapped people. Besides offering larger parking places near the entrances/exits, a lot more has already been done to make their use of the facility pleasant, including adapted ergonomics of the paying machines, toilets, entrances and exits.
In some of our car parks, these special parking places are subject to extra video surveillance. System completed at the Mont Blanc car park by emergency call buttons that can easily be found. Our monitoring team can be reached around the clock by our customers, every day of the week, and will gladly come and help you in an emergency.

The Mont-Blanc car park, a practical car park for physically handicapped people

A guidance system helps physically handicapped people to find the right parking place in the Mont-Blanc car park. Eight larger reserved spaces, located in the basement floors 1 and 2, near the ‘Molard’ pedestrian entrance/exit, make manoeuvring and access to the vehicle easier and are video-monitored. There’s a payment machine at this entrance and a lift, both of which are ergonomically adapted and fulfil the corresponding standards.

You can pay your parking fees quickly and easily with your smartphone with the ‘ Parking Mont-Blanc’ app. You don’t have to open an account to use this user-friendly app. It speeds up payment, informs you of empty parking places in real time, guides users to their space, etc. A cashless payment is effected through a PayPal account and no data is transmitted to PARKGEST’s systems. All you need to do is scan the barcode on your ticket; the sum is shown and one click is enough to make the transaction.
You can then pick up your vehicle and leave the car park. It’s simple and quick!The ‘Pay for your parking place’ tab in the GENEVE AVENUE website enables you to pay your parking fee with your smartphone.
This user-friendly page informs you of the rates, free spaces and contact details of car parks. Payments can be made with VISA, Mastercard, your Postfinance card, Google pay, Samsung pay and Twint. You have to enter an e-mail address to confirm payment (scan the barcode with your smartphone).

There’s a monitoring centre always on call in the Mont-Blanc car park, day and night, all year round. It can intervene rapidly thanks to the video monitoring system and our sophisticated communications systems.

The video monitoring system in the Mont-Blanc car park has no less than 200 digital cameras. They mainly cover the zones that are reserved for physically handicapped people, women (from 6 p.m.) and the charging station for electric vehicles.