The PARKGEST Group, a slice of history at the heart of Geneva.

The PARKGEST group was established in 1999 to support the diversification of the activities of the company Parking du Mont-Blanc SA, which has managed the car park of the same name since it was opened in 1972.
Thanks to the success of the Mont Blanc car park and the experience gained in this field, the repositioned company took a majority stake in the Villereuse car park when it established Parking de Villereuse SA (2001) and expanded its management activities for third parties, private or public, when it set up Parkgest Services SA (2000).
Thierry d’Autheville took over as the head of the group in 2011 and fortified its customer services, took charge of renovating the Mont Blanc car park and restructured the company internally, notably by recruiting a new generation of management experts, technicians and engineers.
After providing the PARKGEST brand with a modern visual identity and equipping the Mont Blanc car park with its own system of signs, he created ‘In-Fluence’, the Group’s digital media service that keeps customers up to date on car park news and on mobility innovations.
The PARKGEST Group and its flagship, the Mont Blanc car park, now occupy a place at the forefront of Geneva’s car park sector, with a number of innovations in the sector to their name and a wealth of experience in the design, construction, operation and renovation of car parks.
Our teams build on our operational excellence to optimise customer services in the car parks we manage. The PARKGEST group is aware of changes looming on environmental issues and of the development of aspects of multimodal systems, and will continue to play its part in progress.