The network of advertising spaces in our Mont Blanc and Villereuse car parks, with almost 3 million visitors a year, offers an excellent basis for visibility and impact.

For example, thanks to the daily traffic of more than 6,000 users in the Mont Blanc car park alone, an advertisement in the entrance and exit area is seen 12,000 times a day!

A broad range of solutions with very different possibilities is available to you: ads on tickets or on barriers, in the paying zone, in lifts, around the escalators and on exhibition platforms in the basement.

For 50 years our car parks have been used by the largest Geneva-based international brands to promote their image, showcase their brand culture and promote the sale of their products.You can benefit from the same exposure!

Average visiting indicator

Mont-Blanc car park

Per yearMonthlyDaily
Probability of Contact4'392'000366'00012'200

Villereuse car park

Per yearMonthlyDaily
Probability of Contact915'00076'2502'542

We have solutions that will convey your advertising message effectively.

We cooperate with the entities Diffusia and Force Promotion. Have a look at their websites to discover the advertising solutions available.