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Advertising space

Our car parks offer a large choice of high-impact advertising spaces. With almost 3 million motorists visiting every year, our display networks and our large spaces offer excellence in performance.

Average visiting indicator

Mont-Blanc car park

Per year Monthly Daily
Vehicles 1'200'000 100'000 3'333
Users 2'196'000 183'000 6'100
Probability of Contact 4'392'000 366'000 12'200

Villereuse car park

Per year Monthly Daily
Vehicles 250'000 20'833 694
Users 457'500 38'125 1'271
Probability of Contact 915'000 76'250 2'542

The largest Swiss and foreign brands rely on PARKGEST for their advertising campaigns to ensure their permanent visual presence in the city.

As advertisers have well understood, car parks provide a remarkable creative space thanks to the repetition of the visual message, but also the diversity of the media: marking on tickets, barriers, payment zones, lifts, escalators, display podiums in the basement.

One solution exists to convey your advertising message effectively, from the simplest to the most prestigious.
To discover it, contact Parkgest Services in the first instance on 022 316 08 60 or by email: publicite@parkgest.ch !

We mainly work with the following sales divisions. Please visit their website to discover the different advertising media available: