The completely renovated XXL floor, located in the 4th basement of the Mont-Blanc car park, offers more than 250 very generous slots. These 3.5 m wide XXL spaces (50% more than a normal space) are particularly easy to park in. The Mont-Blanc car park, PARKGEST’s model car park, is the first to take customers’ wishes into account. They have asked for enough space in order to be able to park more easily, no matter how big their vehicle is.

The additional area allows them to move around the vehicle more comfortably too, for example when getting in or out, or also during loading or unloading. This also helps to prevent damage to the car’s paintwork.

The XXL area is open to everyone

Access with a day pass
After you’ve bought a ticket at the main entrance, proceed to the 4th basement. There you can enter the ticket into the machine at the entrance of the XXL area. With this ticket you can pay the parking fees at the automatic paying machines in the ‘Molard’ or ‘Fusterie’ pedestrian zones. The same ticket is then placed in the machine at the exit of the XXL area and the exit of the car park.

An XXL season ticket

Do you want permanent access to the XXL floor?

Book your season ticket by clicking on the bottom link.

You’ll receive confirmation within 48 hours (two working days).
Get an XXL season ticket

Permanent access

Your card will be read remotely at the entrance to the XXL area in the 4th basement and the gates will open.

Parking fees can be paid quickly and simply with your smartphone with the ‘ Parking Mont-Blanc’ app.
You don’t have to open an account to use this user-friendly app. It speeds up the payment process, informs you of empty parking places in real time, guides users to their space, etc. A cashless payment is effected through a PayPal account. All you need to do is scan the barcode; the sum is shown and one click is enough to make the transaction.You can then pick up your vehicle and leave the car park. It’s simple and quick!

On the first basement of the Mont-Blanc car park there’s a car wash covering 80 m2, offering you a complete and comprehensive one-hour car cleaning service (inside and outside) for city cars through to extraordinary vehicles. The prices are reasonable, from CHF 29 to 149, and the care agents used are innovative and environment-friendly. The team will welcome you from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Mondays to Saturdays, without the need to reserve.