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XXL area

XXL, Record beaten!

The XXL area, located on sub-level 4, is a complete level dedicated to users who want to enjoy “LARGE FORMAT” spaces. At 3.50 m wide, the XXL spaces offer unrivalled comfort to park. The extra space allows passengers to move around their vehicle, get in and out and load and unload objects easily; all while minimizing the risk of damaging the bodywork.

The XXL area is open to everyone.

Access with daily ticket

After taking a parking ticket at the main entrance terminal, go straight down to level -4, then insert the same ticket into the entrance terminal of the XXL space. This ticket will allow you to pay at the automatic cash registers at the pedestrian zones Molard or Fusterie. You will insert the same ticket at the exit terminal of the XXL space, then again at the parking exit terminal.

Permanent access

Would you like permanent access to the XXL level?
You can book your season ticket by clicking below.
You will receive a booking confirmation within 48 hours (working days).

Get an XXL season ticket

When arriving at the XXL level, your main entry badge is read remotely, the barriers open.


The security of the XXL area is ensured by using a digicode which limits access to scanning the ticket (for one-day tickets) or the badge (for season ticket holders).