Following the establishment engineering mandate, a start-up or takeover mandate incorporates all or some of the following specific services:

  • Drafting of the start-up or takeover contract
  • Ordering and delivery of the necessary supplies
  • Acceptance of the turnkey operating site (facilities including reversible air conditioning, finishing and furniture)
  • Development of meter payment software
  • Control over signage for users (vehicles and pedestrians)
  • Training for PARKGEST staff in the method of operating the car park
  • Creation and establishment of operational and administrative organization
  • Creation and establishment of marketing fundamentals
  • Creation and establishment of the management of advertising spaces
  • Establishment of commercial management
  • Establishment of accounting management
  • Establishment of insurance cover
  • Creation of security and safety procedures and specifications
  • Creation of procedures and specifications for monitoring observance of operating instructions (permanent surveillance)
  • Creation and establishment of technical procedures and specifications
  • Creation and establishment of maintenance procedures and specifications
  • Participation in specific meetings with the client, architect or construction firm.
We have an innovation for you in the Villereuse car park. There are now 4 XL parking spaces with electric charging stations on the first underground floor, just to the left of the entrance on the museum side of the car park.