Two important aspects have changed the business of running car park in recent years. (1) The urban population is increasingly turning away from cars. (2) Mobility policies set by political authorities increasingly restrict the provision of car parking spaces. At the same time, the need to comply with all the standards involved causes ever higher costs. As a result, running a car park is no longer the highly-profitable investment it once was.

The PARKGEST group can add significant value to your planning process by analysing the economic feasibility of your car park project, including the combined consideration of the two main trends mentioned above.

We will work with you to develop both economically sound and technically mature business models to support your decision-making processes.
This contribution adds value to your project and goes far beyond the purely technical aspects of the planning process.

PARKGEST will support you to

  1. 1. Develop your business model (income and operating costs);
  2. 2. Negotiate with the various parties involved (for example the political authorities that establish car park policies) on the basis of model calculations we have drawn up;
  3. 3. Define the main clauses that have to be included in contracts with the various stakeholders;
  4. 4. Design the future operation of your car park (operating concept).

In short, the PARKGEST group will help you to develop operating and profitability plans for your car park, including potential profit centres, such as advertising and other related services (car wash, renting out space and shops, amongst many other things).