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Where shall I park?

PARKGEST offers you 9 fully equipped car parks in Geneva and its surroundings :

  • 4 car parks in the city, with Mont Blanc, Villereuse, Arcades
  • 1 car park in Vésenaz, with Les Rayes
  • 1 car park in Meinier, with Le Chat
  • 1 car park in Vandoeuvres.
  • 1 car park in Thônex, with Chêne-Vert.

    Whatever your destination in Geneva, you will find a PARKGEST car park to accommodate you in all security. Our car parks, ideally spread around the city, offer immediate access to public transport and will no doubt be situated close to where you are going.

    The map below illustrates the location of our car parks. You will find Les Rayes car park in Vésenaz, Le Chat car park in Meinier and Vandoeuvres car park, situated in the centre of their respective locations, without any difficulty.