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Kempinski & Plantamour car parks

Situated at the entrance to Geneva, on the right bank, close to the most prestigious hotels, the Kempinski & Plantamour car parks offer direct access to the harbour promenades, the low roads of the real centre and the Pâquis district.

They facilitate access to the Grand Hôtel Kempinski, to its restaurants, its boutiques, “Le Java” discotheque, “Let’s Go” fitness centre and Théâtre du Léman.

Visitors from the canton of Vaud will find it an ideal place for parking and avoiding congestion. From the car parks, it is very easy to access the town centre quickly, by foot or by public transport, particularly the river lines M1, M2 and M3.


  • Parking under video surveillance
  • Inspector operating during the day
  • Space detection system
  • Telephone network available : Swisscom
  • Space reserved (see charges).


The Kempinski & Plantamour car parks are a private, non-smoking space, intended solely for paid parking by the hour for light motor vehicles (max. 2.5T), in good operating condition, powered by electricity, petrol or diesel oil, with a maximum height, including any additions (e.g. roof box, bicycles, aerials), not exceeding 1.90 meters. Motorized vehicles with 3 or 4 wheels, including roadsters and quads are authorized.

The following are strictly prohibited :

  • 2-wheel vehicles, motorized or otherwise (unless specifically authorized)
  • Vehicles powered by fuel other than petrol or diesel oil, particularly liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), natural gas, butane gas or hydrogen
  • All kinds of trailers, including caravans (unless specifically authorized)
  • Scooters, roller skates and skateboards.

Hourly access charges

Permanent access charges

Season ticket application

General conditions

Any parking request, in the form of driving a vehicle into the Kempinski & Plantamour car parks, implies acceptance of these general conditions, without any restrictions or reservations. Access to the Car Parks by a pedestrian has the same effect.